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Those Who Remain

Book 3 of the Ghost Town Series

When it comes to death, there are always those who remain.

In the final installment of the ever-popular, “Ghost Town” series, Willow is about to go into her senior year of high school, and she is ready to just get it over with. After a big surprise months ago where she and her boyfriend Shane found that his past actions have altered other people’s lives in worse ways than he initially thought, he became distant, leaving her to wonder what she did wrong.

But as her final year of high school starts, she begins to have plenty of distractions. One of which is that her old nemesis, Hayley, is back. Only now, she wants Willow’s help. She’s heard about Willow’s ability to see the dead, along with rumors that her great, great grandmother’s old abandoned home outside of town is haunted. She’s concerned that a family member, however distant, might be stuck and in need of Willow’s help.

But Willow has more on her plate than she would like, and as small-town gossip begins to spread as an elderly friend’s health begins to decline, she has to decide what she wants for her own future and what she’s willing to sacrifice to help others.

In this final chapter, Willow has to decide how far she’s willing to go in order to help those who remain.

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Krystal Doolittle

As the youngest child, I had to use my imagination to entertain myself while I grew up in the 1980s. That imagination served me well over the years and eventually made me a bit of a storyteller as I became an adult. It also helped that have always loved a good story. Something that can move you, or make you feel as if you’re right there with the main characters.

Getting lost in a good story has always been my favorite way to escape and I hope to create endearing tales for others to lose themselves in. No matter what, though, I want my characters to be relatable, even the villains. Because we are all the villain in someone else’s story.

You can often find me sitting at my computer, coming up with yet another story or spending time with my family. Currently, I live in rural Kansas near where my debut novel “Ghost Town” is set.


Ghost Town Cover
The Hunted Hunter cover
Life After cover
Ghost Town Cover
The Hunted Hunter cover
Life After cover
Ghost Town Cover
The Hunted Hunter cover
Life After cover
Life After cover

Once I picked it up I couldn’t out it back down until I finished it. I really enjoy all
the books by Krystal Doolittle.

– harley Girl Amazon Reviewer


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